Free data for students

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Students should receive enough data to stream  download, upload as well as be able to take quizzes during the covid-19 nationwide  lockdown.

Students are urged to continue academic activities and submit assignments and proceed as normal  without access to data. This which the whole concept of studying during this time,  depends on. 

While some families have no income coming in  they are still expected to go on as per normal. Access in this case is the ultimate factor in this case which determines one's failure or success. As such it is impossible to expect students to come back of this lockdown and be able to write exams. This is especially true without providing the necessary crucial resources that students need and are thus essential.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons students still have to pay full price for their studies. Although only receiving half of the services due to them. And to use the fact that some students only have "part-time studies" is not a justifiable response. So before taking students money think of that mentioned above. Instead maybe use the money that the institution is saving with electricity no students at campuses as well as take into account that students do not have direct access to campuses- to provide students with a reasonable amount of data to use for all our studying needs.