Vote NO to the proposed Bossier Parish Schools boundaries!

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This sole purpose of this petition is to request with the Bossier Parish School Board NOT to vote on the new proposed school boundaries this Thursday, August 15, 2019 at their 6:00 pm meeting. 

Yesterday evening, August 12, the proposed boundary lines emerged in a article for the community to see. Social media is a powerful tool and resource to reach a significant amount of people in a short amount of time. As the story came to light, we as a community are left with questions unanswered.

Why did the school board spend a significant amount of time and money to redraw the lines without seeking input from the schools and our community first?

Was it to avoid our opinions on the matter?

We have TWO days to come together as a community and voice our opinion on the complete disregard for what is best for our students and community. Please join me in using this platform to ask the school board not to vote this Thursday and share your story on how this proposed change will negatively effect your family and  student.

Take another look Bossier! This change will not fix the bus problems. We pray that you spend your meeting time wisely by working towards a solution to our transportation issues.