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Dr. Nichole Bourgeois is a disgrace to the South Bossier community and Bossier Parish in general.  She has multiple lawsuits naming her as a defendant and recently has been accused of condoning and ignoring bullying at Parkway High School which lead to the suicide of a student. There is a pending lawsuit by the family of the student as well as a lawsuit by a former school nurse accusing Bourgeois of harassment and retaliation for expressing concerns that nothing was done to help the student who committed suicide. After Dr. Nichole Bourgeois had a visiting coach handcuffed and removed from the field in 2012, the LHSAA penalized the school by banning them from hosting any playoff games for the 2013 season. The coach that was handcuffed is now suing Bourgeois along with the school and the school board. This is just the tip of the iceberg; countless students have been bullied and harassed by this principal. The Bossier Parish School Board needs to REMOVE her from her position as Principal of Parkway High School immediately before she causes anymore heartache and embarrassment to our community.

Letter to
District 1 - Bossier Parish School Board Jack Raley
District 12 - Bossier Parish School Board Kay Padgett Byrd
District 11 - Bossier Parish School Board Barbara Rudd
and 10 others
District 10 - Bossier Parish School Board Samm Darby
District 9 - Bossier Parish School Board Eddy Ray Presley, President
District 8 - Bossier Parish School Board Kenneth M. Wiggins
District 7 - Bossier Parish School Board J. W. Slack
District 6 - Bossier Parish School Board Glenwood "Glen" Bullard
District 5 - Bossier Parish School Board Michael S. Mosura II
District 4 - Bossier Parish School Board Tammy Smith
District 3 - Bossier Parish School Board Jill S. Frost
District 2 - Bossier Parish School Board Brad L. Bockhaus, Vice-President
Superintendent - Bossier Parish School Board DC Machen
Fire Nicole Bourgeois from Parkway High School.

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