Petition update

DC Machen's Response

Fire Nichole Bourgeois

Nov 12, 2013 — From KSLA:
"I will not validate grievances, personal attacks or agendas posted on social media sites about Dr. Bourgeois or any administrator or employee of Bossier Parish Schools by commenting on them,"
"As Superintendent of Bossier Schools, the Board delegates to me the authority to supervise the operations of the school system, including ensuring compliance with all school, state and federal laws. When evaluating any employee's effectiveness and performance, it is incumbent on me to strictly adhere to these specific guidelines and procedures that require validated evidence and documentation to support the assessment. Failure to do so negates and denies the employee's due process. In fulfilling my responsibilities as Superintendent, I can not be swayed by the court of personal opinion, nor will I set a precedence of subjecting principals or any employee of Bossier Schools to the unscrupulous vindictiveness of those with personal agendas by validating them with comments."


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