Make Law Breakers F2P, Bring The Game Back To Life

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Nick Jacobs
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LawBreakers Is a game changing game with new and exciting mechanics, but sadly the game died soon after its release due to poor marketing; and releasing along side much more "hyped" up titles. Every person I have encountered that has played this innovative hero shooter, praises it for its quick game play And never before seen fresh new mechanics. The one problem that anyone has ever had with the game itself was its lack of players, and that is its exact downfall. This game died, not because no one liked it, But because no one knew about it. This forced those who loved the game to have to abandon it as it was a online game with no one online. My proposal (as well as many others proposal) is to make the game free to play and advertise it as if it was a new release. This would allow the fan base to grow and come back to life. Money for the studio can be made through paid dlc's or cosmetic items players could buy within the game.