Name 3d ferry in honor Marine Sgt Angel Mendez posthumously awarded the Navy Cross

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To name a 3d boat of the new Ollis class ferry fleet in honor of USMC Sgt Angel Mendez. A young man raised at the Mt. Moretto Orphanage and Home and after graduating from High School there joined The Marine Corps in 1964 and in 1967 arrived in Vietnam. On March 16, 1967, during operation DeSoto and while on a patrol, his platoon was pinned down by a large NVA force. The platoon was under heavy 50 cal machine gun and automatic rifle fire. His platoon Commander was seriously wounded and pinned down with half of the platoon. Cpl. Mendez without hesitation volunteered to lead a squad into this devastating and extremely accurate machine gun fire to where his Lt. lay wounded. He treated his wounds and began to carry him towards safety. Through withering fire, Cpl Mendez carried his platoon Commander towards safety and in the process he was wounded himself. When fellow Marines came out to assist Cpl Mendez, he refused to relinquish his commander and continued to shield his body with his own. As they reached safety he was mortally wounded. For his courage and sacrifice, he was promoted to Sgt. and awarded posthumously The Navy Cross.

Today he is buried at the Mt. Loretto cemetery and each year on his birthday the S.I. detachment honors him with a memorial service at his gravesite. He too is a hero as was SSgt Michael Ollis who also gave his life so that others may live.