Save Milltown's Historic Firehouses!

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Milltown's two historic firehouses are threatened!  There has yet to be any official commitment from Milltown's mayor or councilmembers, or current candidates, to save either iconic firehouse, once our new firehouse is fully operational.  Several of them have made these proud Milltown landmarks sound like budget-solving line-items that can be discarded for a short term, one-time gain.  However, because of the amount of history that exists in both firehouses, our borough's people deserve to have them preserved for posterity, and logically repurposed in a manner that doesn't add another empty storefront to our town.  Time is short, as the subject will be brought up for discussion in December, shortly after election season.
The Milltown Historical Society is ready, willing, and able to lease the South Main Street firehouse, with the same terms as that of the small neighboring Milltown Museum and Museum Annex, and turn that small area into the Milltown Heritage Park.  By expanding the lease agreement to include the firehouse, the Society will be able to take on the long term project of funding, repairing, and restoring what was originally a schoolhouse, to it's earlier glory, as well as having the room to finally display the basement, attic, and closets full of Milltown artifacts, pictures, maps, and blueprints.  The Society's desire has been mentioned at several council meetings, and this petition will reinforce the amount of interest in this plan.  That building is the most historic and most important borough-owned building, having originally been built as a school house in 1889, and then being converted into a Borough Hall/Municipal Court/Firehouse in 1911; and even being the original meeting place of the Rescue Squad, who parked their LeSalle ambulance in the barn out back; then becoming solely a firehouse, years later after a new borough hall was appropriated.

Our town's Cottage Avenue Firehouse, having been the first purpose-built Milltown firehouse in 1923, has the classic firehouse look that every American knows and loves as a firehouse.  With "Milltown Fire Department" emblazoned in concrete above the engine bays, it is a mighty example of our Fire Department's history, and one worth saving and repurposing for use as the new Eureka Fire Museum.  The current Eureka Fire Museum is situated in an old barn that is weathered and beaten, cannot accept visitors at this time, and is no place for so much history and Fire Department artifacts, including the Department's antique fire engine, to be stored.

Please sign this petition to show your support for our history, and to help encourage our mayor, councilmembers, and candidates, to pledge their support for these beautiful, historic, and iconic Milltown buildings and their logical repurposing for all future generations of Milltownians to enjoy.

Our Milltown firehouses have been listed in Preservation New Jersey's 2019 Top Ten Most Endangered Historic Places list, as prime examples of something desperately worth saving throughout our state.