Symbols of hate

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The purpose of this petition is to ban the display of hate symbols, including but not limited to, the Confederate battle flag within the town of Lincoln Park New Jersey.   

There has been a Confederate flag on display  outside of an apartment located in Beaverbrook Gardens, 209 Comly rd, Lincoln Park, New Jersey. This flag was put up AFTER the capitol attack, and was moved to be more visible. A few of the residents have asked management to have it removed, but they refuse to take any action.  We are asking that the town move to take action by banning this hate symbol from being displayed, where it can be seen by the public. 

One thing that many Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that the Confederate battle flag, originally used by traitors against the United States, has long been a symbol of hate, racism, and intimidation for the years since the Civil War, and has recently found a resurgence among many hate groups.  The state of Mississippi recently removed the symbol from their state flag, because they recognized that it was not an appropriate show of pride or patriotism, and that it instead symbolized racism, oppression, and hatred.  These sentiments are not welcome in our community and do not convey the values we raise our families with. We are asking you to take a stand against this assault on our community values and ban the display of hate symbols, including the Confederate battle flag.