URGENT NEED for full PPE for all NHS staff

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URGENTLY need the government health authority update guidelines to provide appropriate protective gear ,-mask, long sleeve gown and gloves when staff providing close contact treatment and care, unless staff and patients are tested to be negative. This to protect staff and patients! Otherwise it's only a matter of time until more  staff will be off sick.

COVID19 is approaching like a storm waiting to happen. 

On the wards in hospital social distancing is impossible. Patients in high risk group are vulnerable, during the incubation period people may not show symptoms.

On the ward, as per health authority guideline staff work as usual and keep washing hands following infection control hand hygiene guidelines. To use a surgical mask, a plastic apron and gloves for suspected and confirmed COVID19 patients. 

If patients on the ward are tested positive! Staff followed Heath Authority guidelines of PPE for suspected and confirmed COVID19 patients. Patients have already been on the ward for a few days prior showing symptoms. Many staff had close contact with them when providing care and treatment.  

Staff can continue going to work unless develop symptoms.

There are concerns about passing anything to staff family members  who are in high risk group and young children at home.

Currently there is no need for mask unless patients are suspected or confirmed.  People might not show symptoms in incubation period. 
 we need to protect our patients. 

Our incredibly brave NHS staff prepared to take the risk it's part of the job but we could contribute more if we wears the appropriate protective gear: masks long sleeved gown and gloves when we provide close contact treatment and care! This to protect the staff and the patients!

Staff are strong and determined to fight this! BUT staff are left vulnerable with no protection equipment for staff and patients who are in high risk group!