UNFREEZE NHS Annual pay rise - Pay us our dues!

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The NHS treats more than 5 million people every year. This year has been the most arduous one to date within our lifetimes. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole of the UK hard. Key workers stepped up from many different vocations and skill sets to serve and protect; the NHS being the juggernaut behind the operational safety of the UK's population.

The government has now decided with the economy being in a stand still to freeze NHS wages.

You've clapped for us as we've donned our masks, goggles, aprons and gloves. Many of us have been separated from our young children and loved ones because we work in such high risk environments.

As you clap for us, make a STAND FOR US. Our profession can't take any more shortages because of money scrimping when much of the budget is wasted elsewhere. We need the funding for our staff and resources.

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