UK Universal economic equality UU EE

UK Universal economic equality UU EE

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The same levels of Quantative Easing aka (QE) Funds provided to UK corporate banking by UK Government each year - to be instead divided equally to all UK citizens that reach the age of 18 who are at work and need to buy a house or flat to live thier lives in. 

To ensure an equitable start to life for young people, in the 21st Century. 

To eradicate youth poverty and attendant emergent social disorders that stem from crime - an inevitable and research based proven consequence of lack of potential for life progress that blights the lives of current generations and will also negatively affect future generations without such a fundamental change. 

For simple proof of this premise examine all Barnardos Social and Economic Reports into the organisations work since its inception. 

Examine all Joseph Rowntree Trust/Foundation Reports since the inception of organisation. 

Examine all Government and Top Academic Institutions (ONS/LSE) statistics on average worker incomes for last 100 years. 

Read selected works from Charles Dickens - and make some simple links to life in 21st Century UK for much of its population 

Why should there be any area of this relatively wealthy country (6th in the world in terms of GDP ranking - & No1 in the world In relation to Foriegn Direct Investment [FDI] ) -  preceding economic data assertion accurate - prior to Covid19 pandemic. 

On this basis not any area of the �� UK should ever experience social and economic destitution and deprivation - and be providing current and future generations with an non-aspirational future. 

Consider and examine the facts on UK workers wages which are always infitessimaly small in relation to corporate company operating profit levels/ margins - in many cases before and after the 'so called taxes' these companies actually pay to HMG. 

How is any Young London born and raised person as an example  ever going to get £500k to buy a home in which to have and keep a family without inherited wealth provided being provided to them. 

At the highest level many top 10% UK corporate companies - are gingerly approached by HMG Tax office HMRC to make a donation often and invariably  cosy agreements are struck on the light  levels of taxation they finally pay. 

Only the top echelon corporate companies have the cash to pay legal experts to utilise all forms of 'Legal Tax Avoidance'  (which could be more accurately described as Legalised Theft from HMRC) - to reduce their final tax BILLS. 

Such mechanisms for enrichment are not open to the vast majority of people. 

In the event ordinary people in the form of a Younger Generation had access to QE

Each of these young people could have enough to start to buy a home. 

Their home and hearth would be where the country in the balm of equity may see social peace within its borders for the rest of this millennium. 






0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!