UK Government Action for Australia Fires

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After a three year drought and the hottest and driest year on record, Australia is suffering the most extreme wildfires the country has ever experienced, with climate change undoubtedly being the cause.

24 people and 1 billion animals have been killed and 15.6 acres of land have been destroyed, (according to the latest estimates). Tens of thousands of unpaid volunteers have been bravely tackling the fires for months on end, with little assistance from the Australian government.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shared his sympathies to those in Australia over Twitter but is yet to turn his words into actions that would significantly help those affected or prevent further destruction from future catastrophic weather events.

We're asking for:

- The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to write to the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, praising the work of the volunteer fire-fighters and urging the Australian government to fully fund and equip the fire-service.

- The British Foreign Office to use their influence at the United Nations to put international pressure on the Australian Government to make concrete actions to aid communities and wildlife affected by the fires.

- The UK government to prioritise diversion from fossil fuels and to act as a role model in the international community, in order to reduce the risk of further catastrophic weather events, such as wildfires, caused by climate change.