UK GOV: Knife crime reform. Use of a knife should be charged as attempted murder.

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On the 17th August 2020 my 15 year old brother, was riding his bike in a Leicester park with two friends when he was randomly attacked by people unknown to him. He was stabbed in his back, and underwent major emergency surgery to repair damage to his kidney and stomach. We were lucky he didn't die.  

The reality of this situation is that knife crime can affect anyone. My brother comes from a normal loving family.  He recently sat his statistical maths GCSE one-year early, and gained the equivalent of an A-grade. We received his results as he was lying in hospital and the drains from his life-saving operation were being removed. 

Since 2011 when records began, knife crime has risen 51% in England and Wales. Knife crime is clearly out of control and the current government plan is simply not enough. Often those that commit knife crime are only charged with GBH, and not attempted murder. Far too often they receive lenient sentences, which does not act as a deterrent. 

We need urgent reform.  We need investment in youth education.  We need investment in local youth projects and activities so young people have an outlet for their energy. We need tougher and harsher sentences to those involved in knife crime. We need action now, before more innocent lives are lost. 

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