Put pressure on Boris Johnson to stop all non-essential travel within the UK

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Boris Johnson has advised against non-essential travel abroad, but currently many people are heading off on their family holidays across the UK, heading to small, coastal & countryside destinations, like Cornwall and Devon. Holiday home and travel companies are even advertising 'self-isolation holidays,' actively encouraging travel to some of the most rural, isolated and under-resourced areas of the country.

The government have closed schools in an attempt to delay the spread of Coronavirus, and in turn reduce the strain on the NHS, not to enable families to take an early Easter break.

Under the current climate the pressure on these counties' services is increasingly stretched, Cornwall has just one hospital with only 15 ICU beds, and will simply not cope with an increased population at this time.

Given the enormous impact that the Coronavirus crisis will continue to have on our NHS and other vital services, we need to ensure that UK residents stay at home wherever possible, to avoid placing unnecessary strain on smaller communities.

At this time, holidays are quite clearly non-essential travel, but we need our government to protect smaller communities by enforcing stricter travel restrictions within the UK. 

As a country, we need to put pressure on Boris Johnson to clearly define 'non-essential travel' and to put strict measures in place to ensure that both tourists and UK residents are only travelling within the UK for essential reasons.