Tide Banking To Pay Compensation to all Customers that applied for a Bounce Bank Loan

Tide Banking To Pay Compensation to all Customers that applied for a Bounce Bank Loan

3 August 2020
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Started by Richard Poppleton

Tide banking failed all of its customer old and new by taking on the BBLS loan scheme when it was unable to provide such service. To begin they must have promised the British Business Banking organisation that they could raise finance to become accredited in the first place.

The British Business Banking Association failed everyone by allowing Tide Banking to become an accredited Lender when clearly Tide Business Banking never had the capacity to provide the much needed Loan to its members.

Many small business have suffered and are continuing to suffer  unnecessarily at the hands of Tide Banking , the government granted Tide Banking a license to distribute this much needed loan to keep these small business and the economy afloat, but the government did obviously not check the ability of Tide Banking to deliver these urgent funds to its customers.

This oversight by Tide Banking, The Government and the British Business Bank has resulted in suicides from what we have all read  and it has closed business rather than keep them open and it has left other customers old and new without the support that all these bodies promised

Tide Banking advertised and took on new customers by giving those new customers the hope of a Bounce Back loan which of course never transpired , Tide Banking failed to prioritise its existing customers by creating a lottery system rather than give everyone a HONEST place on the list. Tide Banking used the BBLS scheme to gain new customers at the cost of its existing customers. Tide Banking's marketing activity is therefore fraudulent.

We Tide Banking Customers demand that Tide Banking provide all customers a compensation package of five thousand pounds per customer that applied but never got a Bounce Back loan, this compensation package is to be given without question, if a customer applied then they are entitled to a minimum five thousand pound compensation.

Thereafter each individual customer should be compensated up to an amount that each customer can prove that they lost due to the misleading comments that Tide Banking made and their inability to live up to those promises , in the circumstances of a suicide due to Tide Banking failure to provide the Bounce Back Loan these compensation packages should be Unlimited, where a customer lost their business Compensation should be sufficient to put those business back into a position where there were pre corona virus and pre Tide Banking’s Lottery Bounce Back Loan scheme offering which Tide Banking was never able to deliver and for which they should never have received accreditation.

As account holders with Tide Banking. We ask the government, The British Business Bank and Tide Banking to take all the following actions as you are all guilty of letting us down.

1. Provide Tide banking with access to money so that they can fulfil their commitment that you the Government and British Banking accredited them for

2. An order or offer from Tide Banking pay everyone that applied a BBLS Loan a compensation amount  of a five-thousand-pounds this is a one of payment and to be made to everyone that applied for the Tide Banking BBLS loan without questions.

3. That Tide Banking the Government and British Banking understand that individual or group actions may be made separately in addition to the five thousand pound claim now being made and that all of you contribute to this unlimited compensation pot as you are all guilty by way of your involvement 

Companies and Business are facing or have gone under because of the lack of payouts that were made to account holders by Tide Banking.

Customers committed suicide to the best of our knowledge waiting for Tide Banking Bounce Back Loans according to posts on Trust Pilot that Tide Banking subsequently removed

The communication from Tide to the account holders was misleading, comments in the press gave Customers false hope, Tide Banking are hoping that this will blow over but of course it will not as any hope of a Bounce Back loan was nonexistent and for this reason Tide Banking must compensate all that applied for a Bounce Back Loan.

British Business Bank !!! When you accredited Tide Banking, were you not under the impression that Tide had the finances or access to finance to pay out its account holders? it would seems strange to Tides account holders that The British Business Bank did not correctly verify the ability of Tide Banking to actually be able to do what Tide Banking said it would and we the Customers Have been let down by Tide Banking, The British Business Bank and by our Government.

A lot of Tides account holders have simply concluded they are not going to receive the Bounce Bank Loan and they have either folded their companies, hanging on best they can, going Bankrupt and sadly some are contemplating or have committed suicide to the best of our knowledge, it is disgraceful that Tide Banking have been allowed operate under the accreditation of The British Business Bank to cause this to happen to companies .

We ask that the British Business Bank and the Government to take action against Tide Banking and provide supervision of their activities and see that Tide Banking compensates all of the customers that applied for a loan and that each Tide Banking member that applied for a Bounce Back  loan are given immediate compensation of five thousand pounds with unlimited compensation claims thereafter to allow for Suicide, Contemplated Suicide, damage to physical and mental well being, destruction and loss to business and all claims on an individual basis that shall be made

The five thousand pound compensation is a gesture of goodwill and this petition will not affect any individual or group actions that are or will be taking place

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Signatures: 96Next Goal: 100
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