The UK government must condemn Trump's response to George Floyd's murder #speakupBoris

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The UK government must condemn Trump's response to the murder of George Floyd and the continued racially motivated police brutality in the US.

The UK is not innocent. American racism was bred by UK colonialism. We need the government to speak up about racially motivated police brutality in the US to not only condemn systemic racism in the United States but also to spark a long overdue conversation about racism in the UK. 


Dear Boris Johnson,
Have you watched the footage of George Floyd being murdered? Can you watch it without looking away? You have finally commented on Floyd's murder  - rightly calling it "appalling and inexcusable". Will you now condemn President Trump's response in the wake of Floyd's murder - including his threats of violence towards protestors? #speakupBoris
The UK

Boris Johnson has finally commented on Floyd's murder  - rightly calling it "appalling and inexcusable".

This is a start but the UK Gov continues to be silent on racially motivated police brutality in the US as well as President Trump's shocking response to the aftermath of Floyd's murder.

Boris saying “Of course all black lives matter” once in PMQ’s is truly the definition of the bare minimum and does not mean the UK can now ignore this issue. #speakupBoris

Boris condemning Floyd’s death is not enough: 

We must not only condemn Floyd’s death but also  Trump’s threats to protestors, and the sales of riot gear to the US 
Boris should not be congratulated on simply being able to admit that Floyd’s murder was appalling when asked directly. The UK continues to turn a blind eye to racial hatred in the country of one of our closest allies. 

Trump’s words “when the looting starts the shooting will start” -  are quoted from 60’s police chief Walter Headley who targeted and murdered black individuals with dogs and guns. How can the UK remain silent in the face of such blatant racial hatred incited by Trump?  

As Lee Merrit, civil rights lawyer representing Floyd’s family, said recently “the US police shoot and kill around 11,000 people per year - the shooting started a long time ago”.  

Merrit also called for “the international community to unilaterally condemn America” The UK’s silence makes us complicit and we have blood on our hands. 

To play our part in getting justice for George Floyd and support Black Lives Matter the UK Gov must speak up now.  #speakupBoris 

The UK government has previously condemned police brutality in other countries in the recent past, for example excessive police force used in the Hong Kong protests. Therefore there is a precedent and a responsibility for the UK government to condemn the continuing police brutality that has claimed Floyd’s and so many other black lives in the US. 

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