Give the UK an Annual 'National Day of Respect’ born from Covid-19 & Lockdown Period #NDOR

Give the UK an Annual 'National Day of Respect’ born from Covid-19 & Lockdown Period #NDOR

4 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Adam Fillary

This shared battle we've fought against Covid-19 through lockdown, with its highs, the lows and tremendous community spirit will go down in history. It’s therefore important that we forever honour & remember it by giving it its own special day, a Day to Reflect; a ‘NATIONAL DAY of RESPECT’ (#NDOR)

By establishing this day, it would give us an opportunity as a nation, to acknowledge the dedication and all sacrifices made. We can show ongoing, how we so highly value the contributions of the Frontline NHS, Health & Social Care Staff and the Key Workers, who've kept the UK going throughout the crisis.

This campaign is…

  • An opportunity: to show our RESPECT and continued GRATITUDE and EMPATHY, and as a nation to REMEMBER the lives irrevocably altered by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown experience.
  • An opportunity: for the nation to pay RESPECT for all those who didn’t make it through to a brighter side.
  • An opportunity: to remind us how we RESPECTED the seriousness of the situation and how we gave up so much to stay safe, protect the NHS and saved lives by respecting the Rules we lived by.
  • An opportunity: for a day of JOY and HOPE, for REFLECTION on how communities came TOGETHER as one, and for reflection on the many positives that also sprang from this shared life-changing experience.


Please, join this campaign, spread the word & let's book a future date that we can ALL appreciate.

Hello, my name is Adam Fillary. I've brought together over 100 people to help create Fancy Dress 4NHS, helping bring positive messages in support of this campaign.

Having been part of Clap for Our Carers, I could see together we could do more, and spread further our positive messages and have some fun at the same time.

Please take a look at and if you feel like contributing and bringing attention to the fore, do feel free to have a little fun & hopefully relieve a little boredom along the way. Click for details >>> National Day of Respect

If there’s anyone else with a similar mind or campaign, let’s get together and join forces and present the best version of a day that represents the COVID19 Outbreak and those who served us. (Please Contact The campaign’s organisers via Linkedin to discuss) If we are asked by a Government Committee what's best... we think the right answer is whatever is right for the country and we'll pass our ideas forward and happily stand alongside others who believe a day like this should be established.

Possible Annual Dates: Late Bank Holiday Monday in May, 12th May - Florence Nightingale's Birthday (200th in 2020) 5th July - Founding Date of NHS. Discuss....

Reflection - Empathy - Gratitude

A National Day of Respect (#NDOR)

Sign the petition today and please do share across platforms, Stay safe everyone.

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Signatures: 29Next Goal: 50
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