Tax free working for Health and Social Care staff

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The country is at war with the Coronavirus, business is closed and being paid to be, salary are being paid at 80%, tax relief for business etc.  A great thing to do.

The people at the front line, NHS and Social Care staff, care homes, care at home, visiting support etc, are taking the risk, that's their role, however they are still paying tax and national insurance to work.  

Some staff are paid national minimum wage or around £9. Per hour.  Not huge, then we will need over time, taxed, reducing the reward for helping save lives! 

There is a thank you to be given and a tax and NI  break is a good start.  Another good start would be to pay them far more, we all know we want them, we need them, but we don't reward them!  This has been the case for years, care is not easy, it's a profession, with dedicated people working in it.

The Covid 19 disease is easily transmitted, PPE is limited, H&SC staff know this and put themselves second, surely this risk deserves considerable more reward.  

They would not ask, so we all should make this happen.

Prime minister please show leadership with these professionals, it is worth it.

I petition that H&SC staff receive a tax and NI break until we are back to normal.  This is justice for all the risk, hard work and sacrifice that they do and will continue to do.  It's the right thing to do!