Suspend export of arms and riot gear to America during violent attacks by US Police

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Amidst the protests taking place in America right now to stand in solidarity with its Black citizens after the murder of George Floyd, it is clear to see that the police are fighting back with brute force and lethal weapons, regardless of whether the protests are peaceful or not. There are countless videos from almost every protest showing the severity of police brutality in America, including the use of rubber bullets, labelled as non-lethal weapons, but only when administered correctly, which they have not been. Using riot gear and army weapons, it is clear to see for anyone who has done their research that the police are simply acting as animalistic, domestic terrorists, attacking anyone in their path. Hundreds of innocent protesters and civilians are severely injured and some even dead, including adults, children, medics and journalists (which is a war crime). American police do not have the constitutional duty to protect American citizens, it is not in their job description, so it would be foolish to expect this of them. Despite what the news and media will have you believe, protesters and rioters are NOT the violent terrorists, and a quick look into the videos and photos captured from the scene will show you this. 

Government records show the UK grants export licences worth millions of pounds for the sale of tear gas, riot shields, so-called “rubber bullets” and other small arms to the US. The UK government's own rules say such exports should not go ahead where they are likely to be used for “internal repression”.

This is why the UK needs to suspend exports of arms and riot gear to the USA. For the sake of saving lives and keeping more people safe, we cannot give them the lethal weapons they are using to cause this level of death and destruction. Opposing parties have already been urging our PM to do so. Labour's shadow international trade secretary Emily Thornberry said it would be a "disgrace" for the UK keep supplying American security forces "at a time when Donald Trump is gearing up to use the US military to crush the legitimate protests taking place across America over the murder of black civilians”. but there is no statement from Boris Johnson as of yet. Please take a moment to sign this petition and stand with us in this fight against injustice.