Support your student nurses - Write off student nurses debt and abolish future tuition fee

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You are amazing!

Please keep sharing to try and get this to at least 100,000! We can do this! At that point it can be debated in parliament. I’m truly blown away by the amount of support that’s been shown! I can’t even tell you how incredible it is that so many people have signed this petition. I could actually full on cry but I won’t because I’ve done enough of that over the last couple of weeks to be honest! If this is raised in parliament you have no idea how much it will mean to the thousands of student nurses/health professionals across the board who will finally get some recognition for the work they’ve put in. There are so many nurses out there who for them, this would be truly life changing. A weight off their shoulders like you wouldn’t believe. There are future nurses who haven’t even thought about doing nursing yet who this will help moving forward. I’m personally paediatric trained, but you’ve got the mental health nursing students, learning disability nursing students, adult nursing students, dual nursing students and so many others, you’re helping them all by showing your support. I’ve made clear in the petition that I’d like other healthcare students such as paramedics, physiotherapists etc. to be considered in exactly the same way so you’re further supporting so many people out there who have had to struggle their way through these degrees in order to put themselves on the frontline. Midwives too, they endure exactly the same hardships and need exactly the same funding. I’ve also been made aware that teachers who undertake months long placements are also in the same boat of paying for the liberty to do so. Surely this has to be reassessed?!

A million times over - Thank you �� Thank you �� Thank you ��

Jessica Collins
1 year ago