Student Nurses should be paid for placements or have Tuition fees paid for during COVID19

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As student nurses, we sacrifice a lot to complete our degrees. Many of us have to work at the same time as completing full time placement hours. 

The NMC has just released a statement saying that second year nurses, those who are in the first 6 months of third year and masters students are expected to continue to go on placement at this time, during a Pandemic crisis. 

We will lose our supernumerary status and in their words, we will be “expanding the workforce”. Learning how to be a nurse during this period is going to be near impossible, it’s hard enough when we’re supernumerary, that will be months of free labour where we’re not learning what we’re there to do.

I want to help in this crisis, however I can’t afford to not be paid for it. If they send us on placement, financial compensation (tuition fees removed this year or wage of a Helsth care assistant) surely is due? After all we’re also putting our lives on the line.