Stop the government neglecting Care Leavers - reform the COVID-19 bill

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Stop the government from suspending council support for Care Leavers in the COVID-19 bill.

A Care Leaver is a young person aged between 16 - 25 who grew up in foster care. Most care leavers receive little to no support from family. They likely have nobody checking in to see if they are okay, which during the COVID-19 pandemic makes them among the most vulnerable.

The Coronavirus Bill would allow the government to ‘suspend key duties carried out by councils, including responsibilities for children leaving care’ if the virus leaves local authorities unable to meet statutory duties. Every Care Leaver aged between 16 - 25 is assigned a social worker who acts as an advisor and key support, if the government suspended the duties carried out by councils for Care Leavers, they would be left even more vulnerable.

Please sign this petition to get the government to reform the COVID-19 Bill to ensure that vulnerable young Care Leavers are not neglected.