Stop the Council from Closing Plants Galore

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We are a hardware store selling £2 million of hardware type products. We are allowed to open - we are on the government list of stores allowed to trade. We are also a grower retailer of millions of plants - home grown in the UK. We have a lawful right to trade all the products that we stock - as set out by the government spokesman on Monday March 30th. A government spokesman on Monday March 30th said "if a store is permitted to open then it is allowed to sell any products on its shelves".

The local council are now trying to close us down and stop us selling Garden Plants, Seeds and Bulbs as they are deemed "non essential". They argue we should close altogether because we sell so many garden plants. This is wrong. We are a hardware store which sells plants. We also aware that the Council will not stop supermarkets and chain stores from selling plants - why do they only focus their attention on us.

It appears to be one rule for the supermarkets selling plants and another for our family business. They can do what they like and only our business Plants Galore is not allowed to sell all our full product range. We must to be allowed to trade equally with the supermarkets and chain stores. The law has to be applied in the same way for supermarkets and chain stores as it is for the independent traders. The Council decision to close us and allow large multi nationals to sell plants all around us makes no sense. Aldi Supermarket (German Supermarket retailer) can sell plants but we can't sell home grown British plants just 300 metres down the road. It is crazy.

Open UK Garden Centres

This petition also asks the government to OPEN THE GARDEN CENTRES. The general public want to have access to garden plants and products. Allowing the buying of plants would give customers the opportunity to buy plants to grow for food instead of only being able to buy supermarket food. We need to become a nation of food growers. Gardening is also good for mental health. Many other countries around the world have not stopped garden centres from opening – gardening is good for the soul, good for food production and good for the economy. Millions of plants are currently dying in the nurseries and being dumped as they can’t be sold – we need to save the planet and also save the economy from ruin.