Stop Single Use Plastics

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We are about to start a new decade and this is a great time to STOP all single use plastics. Supermarkets and large businesses have had there own way for far too long. A lot of what we buy has plastic around it. From the everyday tea bag to cucumbers, we have very little choice but to buy something that will harm the place that we live and love. 

If Planet Earth was a human being and single use plastics was a cigarette we would be told by our GP to quit and give it up. We would be told that we were damaging our lungs and giving us a higher chance of cancer. By all possibility we would stop. Our health over time would get better. Lets give our home and Planet a chance of recovery. If we cant have the product without the plastic I and millions of others would rather not have it. 40 years ago we didn't have single use plastic. If it was good enough for that generation it is good enough for ours. 

I feel we need to give a final date to supermarkets to STOP single use plastics. They have had decades to replace it. We, the public, have had enough and want to buy products that wont damage our home. Lets give our children hope that their future is safe. Let them be able to see with their own eyes the amazing fish in our sea's instead of seeing them in a history book.

Lets stop Single use plastics and say no more past March 31st 2020. Lets make it illegal past that date.

Lets show the World that we are strong and united on this one threat and show them we can survive without this awful material.

Thank you for your support.