Stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. They help fuel the Yemeni civil war.

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The UK is fuelling the deadly conflict in Yemen through reckless arms sales to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition – these sales break UK laws and the global Arms Trade Treaty it once championed. (Amnesty International) 

*Continued* So far, the government has ignored our calls. When pressed on the matter, UK ministers have said that Saudi Arabia has provided it with ‘assurances’ of their proper use. 

‪Please sign this petition. The arms sold by the UK are used to fuel the civil war in Yemen which is the cause of its famine and current humanitarian crisis which approx. 25 million people are suffering from.‬ It’s painful to see the world sat silently while the bullies and oppressors of millions of lives are getting away with daily slaughter of innocent children and adults. These people have no mistake but to be living in their country, their home land, their safe place. But unfortunately it can no longer be called that because the country is facing three types of extreme crises at once.