STOP Child Abuse by British paedophiles in Gambia. SAFEGUARD African Children.

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We the people of the United Kingdom demand that Prime Minister Boris Johnson address the atrocity that is taking place in The Gambia. It has been published by the British press that our children are being abuse by British Paedophiles. This was published by the Sun Online dated 16th January 2020.

This is a serious crime against humanity. Children in The Gambia are being preyed on by British tourists who are taking advantage of families who struggle daily to meet their basis needs. THIS MUST NOT BE IGNORED.  

These adult tourist both male and female will approach the children walking along the road or on the beach. They offer the children sweets, food and money with the intention of taking them back to their hotels. The children are then subjected to various forms of sexual practices. Which leaves them traumatised and badly damaged.


The blatant Abuse of our Children in Gambia must stop. The British Government must address this crime immediately, without delay. Zero tolerance must be applied to reprimand these British Beast who also use many baits to mislead, entice and bribe the parents to hand over their innocent children. This behaviour is shockingly unacceptable. THIS WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED IN THE UK


We want the Law enforced to protect the children and families from this oppressive abuse.