Stop all rapists from being released on licence

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Six years ago, Laura was raped, beaten and tortured repeatedly for over seven hours. Now, only five years after receiving a twelve year sentence, her attacker is due to be released on the the streets of Sheffield because half of his sentence was to be served "released on licence".

Recently the law was changed for future sentencing of rapists to stop early release on licence; we want the new rules to be applied retrospectively.

We are calling for an immediate halt to releasing vicious, sadistic rapists half-way through their sentence until the law can be changed. We also believe that no rapist should be freed without adequate rehabilitation or rigorous assessment for psychopathy.

For an idea of how brutal the attack on Laura was, see: The Sheffield Star 2016

Laura is now faced with the prospect of encountering her attacker in her home town only five years after sentencing, unless we can secure an all of Sheffield exclusion zone or prevent him from being released. 

Her attacker has never shown remorse for his crime; he taunted Laura's family in court, his family and friends showed up in force to intimidate her and  his friend perjured himself  in an attempt to help him escape justice. On receiving his sentence, he gave the thumbs up to his family and friends.

Politicians tell us that they are committed to making the streets safer for women; if they are serious, they should announce an immediate cessation of releasing rapists on licence.

There must be hundreds of women in the UK, just like Laura, facing the same threat to their rightful pursuit of a life free of danger and further trauma. Laura has recently been informed that whole city exclusion zones are rarely considered; this needs to be changed.

Her attacker is supposed to report to the police on his release and be monitored by the probation service; expecting a sadistic narcissist to abide by the rules is of little comfort. He has a history of violence against women and is a danger to any woman he may meet.

Without twenty-four hour surveillance of sadistic rapists, how can police and politicians assure women that they will be safe on the streets?