Pay only £2​.​50 for the TV Licence!

Pay only £2​.​50 for the TV Licence!

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Christian Murray started this petition to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) and

With people suffering from loss of heat and power due to falling incomes. I am calling for the total scrapping of the TV licence, especially as it is unjust and does not work equally.

The TV/Radio Licence (TVL) was originally created to assist develop an infrastructure for communications across the UK, post world-war 2.  The standing Pathe News was tied in and TVL became a law, which over the generations has not accurately reflected the truth of the Infrastructure. The latest version of law is The Telecommunications  Act (TCA) of 2003. 

The problem is the BBC has sold a lot of its assets to BBC Studios Ltd, who are exempt from public Audit as they are a separate legal entity!   The word FREEview is clearly in violation of UK advertising rules as there is nothing free about it!

The TCA 2003 defines terms of sentence for non-compliance! Also the Auditor is allowed to determine value of jobs! There is so much inequality within the legislation OFCOM and the whole set-up is totally unfair to those that do not wish to watch BBC.

ALL THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS ARE AVERAGED! not exact! B/Y= Billions per year M/Y= Millions per Year

The really big issue is that the present TV infrastructure for transmission costs around 110M/Y to maintain,  but the TV licence generates over 3.1B/Y pounds and BBC makes additional 2B/Y! But only spends about 4.1B/Y on content. What happens to a lot of the money is  not even known the Auditor themselves claim that they have so many income streams that they have picked an error of 12M/Y. I say that error is unacceptable.

BBC is a closed door shop with no access for any British citizen to make product and or even apply for funding. However they do make International films funding others! It is clearly a rich persons only club! They do not even pay equal wages throughout the entire organisation! So, I am asking that they now operate on their own.

Now, no one can deny that the work of David Attenborugh is not wonderful, ( I do not recognise any titles bestowed by so-called royalty), however paying millions of pounds to Jeremy Clarkson and others was always a fault I could not bare.

I have  seen for years as men arrive at houses beating on doors, threatening people, the older, infirmed and poor. Then the BBC flitters away money as it is all FREE CASH to them. No equality or due diligence of real responsibility to the public, still trying to figure out their tax mistakes from decades gone by!

I do not watch 95% of their programming so I think it is unfair to charge me for that!  Also on many occasions their news services are totally biased. They do not report on Governmental failure and are not impartial. In example, never reporting the story of a British Soldier sentenced to jail for his refusal to fight in IRAQ. They reported FAKE NEWS time and time again (WMD) and I feel they are no longer worthy of full public funding.

I feel all media funding should be part of BAFTA or something else independent of political control and that at all times every age group and genre of production should have access to equipment and facilities or funding if the public is to pay for it.

I immediately call for the right to only pay for the transmission infrastructure, which is about £2.50 a year per licensee according to BBC own website and corporate reporting.

 I also like to see any residing British Citizen of any production experience (with a script and or some imagery)  to be able to have access to the GAC library of imagery and BBC sounds and imagery for their UK productions.  

After all you and yours and I and my family paid for all of it since the 1940's!

 What do you think?

Lets see if we can raise 10001 signatures and present to the esteemed Prime Minister!

P.S.  I spent days in the legislation of OFCOM, the simple truths hidden away in realms of sections and sub-sections, and even a notification that it is not yet updated!  Then time reading the 2017/2018 and 2019 annual BBC reports ( around 500 pages) it is just ridiculous! 

FINALLY. The picture for this campaign is me shooting in Wales for a little British indy doc  that the BBC would not even consider!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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