Start a State run Airline, British Flybe. Save Jobs and The Economy from Corona Madness

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An opportunity is being missed here. The effects of Flybe being allowed to finally collapse will not only impact on those employed by the company and their families but will send financial shock waves through The Local Economy of Southampton in particular. Even though some of the routes covered by Flybe (not all) were break even at best, they provided the life blood, fast connections needed by Business Travellers and Tourists bringing much needed income to communities in the extremities of our islands that in turn generated large sums to The U.K. Economy.  So come on Boris lets mark Brexit year with a proud State Owned Airline -BRITISH FLYBE- sporting The Union Jack!  This will further help combat the effects of the Agenda led Corona Virus Hype,designed to 'Level down'The World Economy.

Prime Minister it's time to put your money where your mouth is and 'Level Up' in a way that will have great benefit to the Nation and to your own reputation