Extend SEISS for the Self employed in industries still affected by Covid after August 2020

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The self employed have been offered two taxable grants thus far: one for 80% of their average income and one for 70% of their average income (August 2020).

I work within the PR/Theatre/Events industry and at present it is impossible to go back to work due to COVID and social distancing guidelines and many of you will be in similar situations. 

We have no date to work towards, we simply have to make the second grant last indefinitely until we are told we can work again. This is unjust - how are we expected to survive on this? It is a very worrying time.

The second grant was backdated, effectively covering the average wages of the previous few months gone without working and without earning (just as those on furlough would have received their help too).

But for those of us who are still NOT ALLOWED to go back to work due to government rules, we are still INCOMELESS as of August onwards. The second grant will only get us so far! We have rent to pay, bills - we need to live!

Those on furlough will receive help until October 2020. Why are we treated differently? Are the self employed seen as being less than those on PAYE?

If Boris is refusing to let us to go back to work and earn a wage as we would like to, then I am pleading with Boris and Rishi Sunak to consider helping the self employed who work in industries STILL affected by COVID-19 as of August 2020 onwards, with a SEISS extension - or some other scheme of help. 

Please help those who work in the arts, theatre, entertainment, events, music, and SO much more! Keep these industries alive.