Scrap tuition fees of student Radiographers that missed out on the NHS bursary.

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From 2017 essential NHS tuition fees and bursary payments for student nurses, midwives and all Allied Healthcare professionals were scrapped. Although the reinstatement of the NHS bursary comes as good news unfortunately the 2017 onward cohorts have been severely affected. I am a student radiographer and we are an unseen profession. We always get overlooked for student nurses however we also play a vital role within the NHS and have a part in the care of 90%+ of patients within the hospital environment. As students we are also required to complete four months of unpaid, full time NHS placements throughout each year of our course. We however will be qualifying alongside previous students who do not have student debts of £40000+ and future students that will also be financially better off thanks to the reinstatement of the NHS bursary. Although our pay scale will remain the same as theirs meaning we are at a huge financial disadvantage. We would like to see the tuition fees for the years that missed out on this vital funding erased so that we can continue to be a part of the NHS and be acknowledged for our efforts. Most importantly so that we are able to still survive financially alongside students doing the same job without the crippling debt