Scrap the TV licence and shut down the 38 Degrees website for fraud

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Jack Sparks
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As you may be aware, the vast majority of people in this country want the BBC licence fee to be scrapped, regardless of their political views. It is a guaranteed income that allows the BBC to produce any rubbish it wants, knowing that it does not need popular output as it has guaranteed income even if its output is poor quality. Because of its guaranteed income, it has been able to protect child abusers such as Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall [1].

A petition on the 38 Degrees website to scrap the TV licence garnered 393,000 signatures before the website owners removed it in order to promote the 38 Degrees website owners' own petition and trick people into thinking that the public want to keep the licence fee. Therefore, Boris Johnson, we ask that you go ahead and scrap the licence fee, knowing that the majority of the public support it and that the 38 Degrees website owners have intentionally used deceptive tactics to make it appear as if there is support for the TV licence.

38 Degrees admit [2] that the reason they removed the popular petition against the licence fee is so that the website owners could promote their own pro-BBC petition - whilst their website claims that petitions are selected by members, even though the pro-BBC petition gained less signatures. By aggressively sharing the pro-BBC petition after having deleted the anti-licence fee petition, this gives the misleading impression that the 38 Degrees members support the pro-BBC petition, when most members don't support it.

Under section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006, a person is guilty of fraud if they dishonestly make a false representation and, intends, by making that false representation (which includes misleading representations), to make a gain for themselves or cause loss to another. By intentionally deleting the popular petition against the licence fee, and aggressively promoting their campaign to keep the licence fee (under the guise of protecting the BBC), the 38 Degrees owners intend to cause a loss to those who would have to pay higher and higher licence fees. The website should therefore immediately be shut down for fraud. The website owners have intentionally hid one set of votes in order to trick people. This is as heinous as throwing a box of votes in a bin in an election.

  1. Senior BBC employees protected them. 
  2. Petition deleted with no warning by 38 Degrees because it was more popular than the one started by the website owners. It gained even more signatures than the link suggests, but even the number suggested is more than the pro-BBC petition.