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I am, and have been, the lead co-ordinator for a group called Tea & Tots East Harling. We are a voluntary run group for parents/carers of children from birth to school admission age. We are basically a play group, but with one feature. Once a month the local health visiting team come and hold clinic. This is for parents/carers to weigh and measure their children and to get advice from the professionals. However in my time running this group I am alarmed by the number of closures, not just locally but nationally. Our group is now the only one for many miles where parents/carers can come to see a health visitor, this is by no way an attack on them. Their funding has been cut, we are all aware of sure start centres up and down the country closing. Over the years I have seen the services close, I have seen the suffering of parents/carers because of this. I have watched new mothers struggling and reduced to tears, please help me. Eventually Tea & Tots East Harling will also lose this vital service, which I feel is incredibly unfair. I worry about the number of new parents who will slip through the cracks of the system because health visitors are unable to see them regularly. I am desperate to stop this from happening all over the country. We need to stand up and tell the government how vital it is to have health visitor clinics in groups. Now parents/carers are expected to take their baby to a local library to a weigh station to weigh them, there is no one there to give them advice or answer their questions. Instead of being able to talk to anyone, they are now expected to call a national number where they are ‘triaged’ by someone they have never met. It is a crying shame when now-a-days we are putting people at risk due to budget cuts. Help me change this, help me take this to parliament and attempt to make them change. Please sign my petition and maybe we can make a change throughout the country.