Save Community Pre-School Activities Now

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While some children have been able to return to school or nursery, the many groups that act as a life line to families have still not been given any clear guidance as to when they can resume.

Groups such as ours, not only bring communities together, but “ready” children for pre-school and beyond.

Singing, dancing, sharing, learning colours and numbers, while playing in a happy environment with friends.

Dancin’Tots took the decision to close, before official lockdown was announced, for the safety of the families that attended.

Realising this was a difficult time for everyone, but especially young children, to understand, we started to provide weekly free online sessions, everything from dancin to bedtime stories.

We did this in order to provide connection and an all important routine and structure, vital for toddlers, to enable them to feel safe and secure.

As successful and helpful as these online sessions have been, children NEED the interaction of playing with others. 

Parents and carers NEED social interaction and connection.

For us at Dancin'Tots, building a community is at the heart of what we do. For all the singing and dancing (the physical benefit) the desire to combat lonliness and improve the mental well-being of our families is equally important.

We of course want to provide a covid safe environment and are looking at ways to do this, but we require clear advise and a date for return, from the Government.

There are of course the financial implications too, we may lose our business, as will many soft play centres, music franchises, messy plays etc.

At Dancin'Tots we aim to be fully inclusive, we are aware that many grandparents now take on the majority of childcare, and so we do our best to cater for all ages and abilities and enjoy being able to participate in multigenerational play. 

We need urgent, concise government advice to be able to meet the needs of our communities. 

Please don't forget about our families of pre-schoolers, they desperately need our services.