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Uk Self Employed Discrimination no bailout from Government Re Corona Virus outbreak

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Discrimination for being self-employed!


I am self-employed business person like many of the other 5 million people in the UK in a similar situation I feel that we are being discriminated against because of our employment status.

As much as I applaud the government for paying 80% of everybody who is an employee why do the UK governments  feel it necessary that there is no true bail out for the individual self-employed person who has just as many household bills plus more extra bills than the standard employee in order to comply with insurance, Legislation & Licence to work in their chosen field for example of the extra costs to allow them to operate a business in the UK. I would like to ask that all self-employed people should be treated in a similar manner allowing for 80% of the average monthly turnover over the past three years be taken into account and paid to them as soon as the government can arrange. 

All the Government has arranged so far is the opportunity to take a loan from a bank with a 12 month interest-free guarantee well does that really seem fair that we have to take out a loan and an employees get a free ride? Alternatively for many people they work either from week to week or month to month or client to client we can claim universal Credit of £92 a week, that’s not enough to fill up my works van!

We all pay our Tax and national insurance just like any other employee together with the extra burden of in many cases of businesses that come into the VAT threshold of operating as an unpaid VAT tax collector.

I feel just because we are individuals and not a larger business or multinational company that the government think that we have no say,  but I say today to please treat us  all the same and do not discriminate against us because of our chosen profession.

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