Reinstate Tax Credits if Universal Credit Application is Unsuccessful

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maddy kline
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Many people will, sadly, have to apply for Universal Credit. My husband was one of those. Up to this point we were in receipt of Tax Credits, which provided a vital income source to keep our heads above water. My husband followed links on government websites and applied for Universal Credit. We received notification that we were eligible, which was a huge relief. When an application for Universal Credit is made tax credits immediately stop for good. 


How doe this make sense? Panicked, I called Tax Credits. THERE IS NO WAY TO REINSTATE YOUR TAX CREDITS if  you apply for Universal Credits. Even if , as in our case, we were informed we were eligible, but then got nothing. How is this fair? The simple act of just applying for Universal Credit has left my husband and I much, much worse off. We do not know how we will make ends meet. Many people have now found themselves in this same bewildering, serious situation. It is deeply unfair and will lead to a gap in essential finances for many families. Please support this appeal. It is not about handing out  more money but simply reinstating the tax credits people were rightly receiving.

That is why I am asking the government to  make the right moral choice and allow claimants to have their tax credits reinstated if their universal credits application is unsuccessful or amounts to zero. That would make this system fair and ease the financial burden and stress people in the same situation are now facing.