Protect Our Shared History, Memorials & Monuments

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Please put a stop to the dismantling of our Monuments and erasing history.

We need to preserve our history. Instead of tearing down monuments people disagree with or find offensive, please build new statues instead.

A small minority of individuals are requesting that they be removed and some have taken the matter into their own hands and carrying out acts of vandalism, causing criminal damage and removing them of their own will. With a population of over 66 million people - these protesters do not reflect the will of the entire nation.

As announced by Sky News, Labour are now assessing statues in their constituencies and removing statues as they see fit, without following due democratic process. They have also begun the process of changing Street names without permission and must not be allowed to do this.

Societies who erase arts, history and culture never fare well.

This will also divide the nation further rather than heal any wounds.

They do not have our permission to remove these monuments or erase our history.

Build - Do Not Destroy.