President Buhari Please Allow For Free & Fair Edo 2020 Gubernatorial Election

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A petition calling on the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari not to interfere in the Edo State Election.

This is a call from every well-meaning Edo State indigene across Party divide to think of the lives of their loved ones before politics.

No political ambition of any man is worth the blood of another.

News making the rounds from the opposition All Progressives Congress in Edo State is that they have the backing of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to use the Federal Government Agencies to influence the outcome of the State Gubernatorial Election scheduled for 19 September 2020 in Edo State.

We, the Nigerian citizens of Edo State extraction residents in the United Kingdom are appealing to the British Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson and other world leaders to advise President Muhammadu Buhari to allow Edo State indigenes to determine who governs them.


The interference of the Federal Government in the Edo State Election is a recipe for disaster and likely loss of innocent lives, which will be a costly mistake.

A taste of how bloody this interference will be was felt on Saturday 25 July when the State ruling party flagged off their campaign.

Thugs unleashed mayhem on guests, destroyed vehicles, and shot sporadically in the air.

We don’t want a breakdown of law and order in our State.

This is not about party loyalty rather loyalty to life.

We are asking the British Government and other world leaders to appeal, on our behalf, to the Federal Government of Nigeria not to use “Federal Might” to intimidate and disenfranchise voters.

Let Edo Decide.

By Edo Indigenes In UK