Post Lockdown 1 Week School Holiday Amnesty For U​.​K

Post Lockdown 1 Week School Holiday Amnesty For U​.​K

5 February 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Richard Cooper

From the point at which free movement of the population is allowed. For a period of 18-24 months, any family with children in school may take their children out of school for an additional 1 week holiday within the United Kingdom, at any time, without school consent.


1.     The damage to the mental health of the nation’s children should not be up for debate in hindsight, let’s do something to help now.

2.     Depending on when restrictions are lifted, there are ordinarily a limited number of possible weeks for families to holiday together. This causes prices to rise for those that get a booking, and disappointment for those that miss out.

3.     Holiday entitlement is not always carried over yearly and people may miss the opportunity to holiday with their families.

4.     The nation’s key workers will still be needed and this allows those with children to spread out their holidays and not miss out.

5.     Rural tourist destinations and their businesses need a more prolonged boost to offset the damage that has been done by a year of restrictions.

6.     The hospitality industry as a whole will benefit.

7.     The UK economy as a whole will also benefit.

8.     This measure will increase tax revenue from additional VAT and PAYE.

9.     We have been assured that a year without school attendance has not adversely affected our children’s education. Therefore, why would one more week worsen the effect? We can always do a Zoom class from the beach if needs be.

10.  Grandparents may take children, leaving parents to work should they have to. For example, teachers.

11.  With examinations seemingly cancelled indefinitely, even teenagers could travel, apologies for this one.

12.  The beautiful British weather does not respect the 6 weeks of official school summer holiday. It never has, it never will. June and September are always lovely.

If you have had uninterrupted access to a place of natural beauty, or have not been caring for and educating children full time while working, throughout the lockdowns, this petition may not be for you. But we hope you can see the merit of sharing, the time, money, space, beauty and happiness this country has, with those that need it most.

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Signatures: 23Next Goal: 25
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