Please stop people living outside of Dorset from coming and ruining our beaches and town!

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I have started this petition as something really has to change. On behalf of myself and everyone who has signed this petition please help. Dorset known for its beautiful beaches and country side has over the last week been distroyed by people coming from far and wide. Our lovely little town has gone from having the lowest R rating to now one of the highest. The people of Dorset have worked really hard to keep covid down as best we can. All our key workers have put their lives at risk to help others and we feel really let down that in the last few days all our hard work has been for nothing. Our once beautiful beaches have been littered with not only rubbish but bodily excruments, just today our local council collected 20 tonnes of rubbish.  Those that actually live here have not even been able to exercise on our beaches due to the over crowding and none social distancing of others, the police have had to stop their other duties to break up parties on the beach and assisted people who have jumped 200 ft off durdle door.  Resulting in 1 death. Our forest has been burnt down due to someone leaving a bbq alight.

We are really angry and upset and are hoping that someone will help us to change this. That until covid is fully contained that people from outside Dorset are not to come to our beaches and town and acting like animals distorting everything in site. Please Boris please help us get our town beautiful and safe again.