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Please take action to help save lives now and reduced the lockdown period. There is an effective strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s immediately require the implementation of the professeur Didier Raoult’s recommendations, first world expert for infectious transmissible diseases: Testing and a SIMPLE TREATMENT for positive patients: the combination hydroxychloroquine / azithromycin which is giving spectacular results according to the University Hospital Institute of Marseille. 

To date (2nd April), 1,677 patients have received this treatment in France with 100% positive results.

EVIDENCES BASED ON PRACTICE: Here are results Professor Raoult published on 27th march 2020 from IHU hospital on 80 patients treated with a hydroxychloroquine / azithromycin combination.

 Link to results in English! (pdf) :

Other study Pr Raoult posted on Twitter.

+ more study links on Pr Raoult Twitter:

Following such a success, more and more countries authorize this treatment after France, Italy, Algeria, United States have now joined. 

The first world expert for transmissible infectious diseases, Professor Didier Raoult, director of the University Hospital Institute, Méditerrannée in Marseille is adamant about the value of this treatment in the coronavirus pandemic that the whole world have been undergoing for several weeks now. "Chloroquine is a drug I've been working with for a long time, I was the first to work with hydroxycholoroquine in the treatment of acute infectious diseases, especially for intracellular bacteria. I have followed 4,000 patients over 30 years. It has long been thought that what works against intracellular bacteria (bacteria that multiply in cells) must work against large viruses because they use the same mechanisms and live in the same vacuoles, and chloroquine influences the sac in which house the microbes that enter cells. We already published an article 13 years ago with Jean-Marc Rolain on the potential use of chloroquine in viral infections ", explains Didier Raoult. 

Professor Raoult gave a very enlightening interview to Radio Classique on 2nd April 2020, about blockages France is facing against the coronavirus. He explains that chloroquine is a banal, common drug, which has been stupidly dramatized by Macron, Véran and the Élysée Scientific Council.

“A few months ago, chloroquine was a drug distributed without prescriptions! I have been prescribing this medication for twenty-five years! Until now, nobody thought it was poison! In the past twenty years, at least a billion people have taken it! And now there are people who say that it will kill one out of two people? That makes you think! “

Then he accuses politicians, who only believe in big futuristic, abstract and community projects, when the truth is found in hospitals and renowned research laboratories, experienced, concretely and daily in the front line against the coronavirus. Source Radio Classique France & Pascal Tenno from L24 - 02/04/2020. 

On the evening of February 25th 2020, Didier Raoult announced that chloroquine (a drug used against malaria) is "the cheapest and simplest treatment to treat the coronavirus Covid-19", it was immediately denied by the French Ministry of Health. It offers a dose of 500 mg and promises healing in 3 to 5 days. This position is the result of a Chinese study not published in a peer-reviewed journal.

On March 16th 2020, Pr Raoult released a video recorded in front of his students in which he announced the positive results of his clinical study.

It may be a revolution in the advancement of the Covid-19 pandemic: "Associated with the taking of antibiotics targeted against bacterial pneumonia (azythromycin), the treatment completely cured the subjects during the week, while 90% of patients who have not taken treatment are still positive ”

The objective of this petition is to have the British government to take into account the solution proposed by Professor Raoult.

This petition is not intended to rule on the level of effectiveness of Chloroquine. But anyway, it would be silly not to try this therapeutic track in times of health crisis. At this point what you have to do is stay at home and support our caregivers.

"We are in a situation of health crisis and there is no time to wait to save lives in the face of the pandemic"

By deferring the implementation of Professor Raoult's protocol, the government would be responsible for powerlessness in the face of the virus! In France, the treatment supervised by the government does not offer what is advised by Pr Raoult but a much more expensive treatment: 2 anti-virals LOPINAVIR / RITONAVIR. 

Pr Raoult treatment: Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) + azithromycin = 4.17€ + 8.39€ = 12.56€

Treatment validated by the government: Plaquenil + lopinavir / ritonavir = 4.17€ + 185.82€ = 189.99€ !!!  Azithromycin for 6 tablets at only 8.39 € is forgotten ....  KALETRA (generic lopinavir / ritonavir): Price: 433.72 € !

Between the labs war and the sabotage of Pr Raoult’s treatment, we are the ones who are paying for the inefficiency of our governments. STOP. Professor Raoult's treatment must be authorised in the UK to ALL by doctors, consultants and GPs in hospitals and also in all other medical practices throughout the country. 

It is also very important the necessary follow-up while respecting the treatment is done in accordance with Pr Raoult’s protocol. Some insensible persons have been self-medicating, took too much and had cardiac arrhythmias. The journalists throw themselves on it to discredit the treatment while it has been proven successful and agreed by hundreds of doctors that chloroquine under medical control is not dangerous. 

To follow Marseille IHU statistics :

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