Petition to rethink "Obesity Campaign" strategy and Calorie Labelling in Restaurants/Bars

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Although we know a petition cannot create a debate in parliament, the approval for a petition could take a number of weeks. We do not have time to spare regarding this matter. 

We know that Covid19 has been difficult for all, and that obesity may increase risk surrounding it. However we are asking the Government to reconsider their combative language, retract the idea of adding calories to restaurant and bar menus, and implement more mental health help for the public.

The Guidelines released on 'Better Health' are untimely and insensitive. They will affect those already suffering with a disordered relationship with food, but also create many more toxic relationships surrounding food and weight nationally. Our MH services are already struggling. With these new guidelines we may see an even greater decline in mental health and strain on these services. The guidelines are uneducated, treating obesity with a simple strategy when it is a very complex problem.