Nurseries and schools to remain closed until SEPTEMBER

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In England schools (reception, year 1 and year 6) and nurseries are being asked to go back to work on the 1st June whilst this outbreak of Coronavirus/ covid-19 continues. The rate of infection has gone up and I would love to know how you can social distance children, especially at the ages 2/3 and 4. 

Normally we encourage children to play together, share toys, we sit next to each other on the carpet to have a singing / story time. Now we’re going to go back and confuse all of the children- telling them they can’t play together, don’t touch each others toys, having to clean the toy after every use, not being able to sit next to their friends and telling them to wash their hands every 5 minutes. 

As much as we encourage children to use their arm to cover a sneeze and cough and to use a tissue and clean their hands... it doesn’t always happen as you can imagine with 2-5 year olds. 

I don’t think it’s safe going to work with a few staff and possibly 15 children, we don’t know what the children have been around or if they have any symptoms (other than what parents have informed us). We can’t sit with 1 family member at their home because of the risk of infection.... but we can be around 15 children and a handful of staff in one room. 

What I keep hearing is “it’s not common in children” but it STILL HAPPENS, we’ve seen it on the news. Hundreds of people are still losing their lives due to covid-19 in the UK and still 3,000+ people are testing positive each day. It’s not right.

Keep schools and nurseries in England closed until September- let’s side with the rest of the UK.