No bailout for Virgin Atlantic at taxpayers expense. His personal wealth is over 5B GBP.

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Richard Branson wants a bailout of over 7 billion GBP for his airline. Absurd. His personal wealth is over 5 billion GBP. 12 Apr Manchester airport is supporting him. He has over 30 companies and many registered in tax havens. a Day ago he shifted ownership of Virgin Galactic to tax haven. Because of the structure of the setup of his businesses, he practically pays no income tax to the UK. Done around 5 years ago, an analysis by Richard Murphy, a chartered accountant at Tax Research UK, has found 13 holding companies, some of them offshore, between Virgin Care and its ultimate parent company, based in the British Virgin Islands. He has lucrative NHS deals, runs about 230 odd NHS and Social care services. It is alleged that he is avoiding to pay tax. 2000 odd airlines in the world are sailing in the same boat. Why should he be singled out by the UK taxpayer? No way this should be allowed or granted. Let him sell his companies and assets to sort his finances. Please sign the petition and that this should not be allowed to happen.