Why charge self funders in nursing homes more when they receive the same care as funded

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Our Parents have worked since they were 16yrs old, normal hard working, working class people.  Mum didn't retire until she was 71yrs old, she worked the last 30yrs of her life as a cook in the green room at the Royal exchange theatre in Manchester.  They saved and invested in what they thought would be an inheritance for their 5 children and grandchildren.                                                   In 2014 Mum developed dementia then Dad passed away in April 2016 so there was nobody at home to care for her and she was not able to live independently. We tried to juggle time so we could look after her at home but we all work and it proved too difficult, so with very heavy hearts we had to place mum in a nursing home.

We discovered that due to our parents having savings in addition to owning their own home, mum was classed as self funding. We also discovered that nursing homes charge self funders more per week for the room and the care than a resident who is funded by the local authority.  Mums room was over £800 per week but for those who don't have savings the exact same room exact same care is funded by the local authority at a rate of £445 per week. Gratefully mum received £156.25 per week for the nursing care element deducted from her room cost but the rest she had to pay from their hard earned savings.

Nobody can explain why there is a difference in the costs other than those with savings paying for their own care have to pay more to top up the ones who have their care funded and for that reason I think this needs to be tackled and the costs should be at least equal or in an ideal world nobody who has put into the system should have to use savings for their care.

I want this to be debated in parliament and something put in place so that homes are not profiting from the hard working elderly that have to self fund. I'm doing this for my mum and dad and all those out there in the same position. Please sign and share this petition, this could happen to you one day, things need to change.  Thank You for taking time to support this petition x