Vote No Confidence against ALL Remain MP's

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The hard working and well natured people of the United Kingdom for past 3 years have watched, listened and read about the appalling behaviour of our MP's who have shown their true nature by working against the will of the majority in one of the UK's highest Electorate turnout in our Democratic history.

Those very MP's have done everything in their power to reverse , delay and even damage UK Business preparations by informing them to not prepare for a no deal exit.

The very wording was to "Leave the EU" , in order for the United Kingdom to regain control of our own laws, trading agreements and work with other countries who have been unable to easily trade directly with UK due to the restrictions by the EU. And although it would be nice to leave the EU with a deal we are more than happy to leave and negotiate new deals in the very same way every none union nation follow's.

The British public's own intellect has been questioned stating those who voted to leave may have not known what "Leave the E.U" meant which may have been the case for a selective few but certainly not the case for the majority.

This fact was further cemented on the 23rd May 2019 during the European Parliament Election the highest UK Voted party was the BREXIT PARTY formed by Nigel Farage on the 23rd March 2019 having significantly less time to drive any major campaign ahead of the very Parties in favour of remain!

The fact that Nigel Farage leading his own party called BREXIT PARTY won the majority and yet the MP's ignore this key indicator of the publics vote to clearly remind them that they still wish to leave the E.U which Nigel Farage has for decades stated was his primary goal!.

Now we are witnessing the desperate acts of MP's and prior Prime Ministers such as Tony Blair and John Major stating that they are looking into any way possible to stop Boris Johnson from delivering Britain’s departure from E.U and internal members of the conservative party openly stating they will do what they can to disrupt the government wherever they can to delay and ideally stop brexit..

Enough is enough, we do not want another vote to cause yet another delay in the aim to undo a legal democratic vote made by the people.

A clear message would be to push a Vote of No confidence in ALL remain MP's that are doing nothing but damage the very system we value and faught two world wars to uphold.