Understanding Trauma and PTSD.

Understanding Trauma and PTSD.

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Karen Sheraton started this petition to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) and

I truthfully believe in equal rights but if you have mental health problems. Why can people get an interpreter? Then why can't a mental health nurse be present for mental health problems. We repeat the same questions constantly.. it gets confusing to think you didn't hear it the first time.  We automatically  make you feel uncomfortable understand  this is the future future.

Some people with mental health issues hate appointments and change in there lives . And a mental health nurse would there would help no end to put the situation across for us.

I think this should be a great away to change direction in the #weneedCPN we need this change as our human rights.  

I recently worked my way up to an appointment and I asked them like I'm asking now for a CPN to attend my interview.  When I got there they declined seeing me.  The same thing happened to my sister.  Here his other starts.....

Would you describe the event? (ask first if the person has difficulty talking about the event)
How often do you think about it?
Do you ever have thoughts about the event that seem to force their way into your mind? (Intrusion symptoms)
Do you ever have nightmares about the event? (Intrusion symptoms)
Do you ever get flashbacks? (Intrusion symptoms)
Do you ever feel like it’s happening all over again? (Intrusion symptoms)
Do you have difficulties remembering the accident?



Do you find yourself avoiding things that you associate with the memory?
Have you been back to the place where the event took place?
How hard is it for you to talk about the event?
Are there any activities that you avoid?



How has trauma affected your life?
Has it affected the way you feel?
Have friendships suffered?
Are you still able to have feelings for loved ones?
Do you ever feel numb?
How do you see the future?
Has the trauma affected your interest in activities?
Do you blame yourself/ Have you been feeling guilty about the event?



Since the trauma, have you felt on edge much of the time?
Do you startle easily?
Have you been feeling irritable?
What is your sleep like?
Have you had difficulty concentrating?



Post Traumatic disorder is co-morbid unless proven otherwise
Diagnostic overshadowing is a risk: Cognitive and Behavioural symptoms can be attributed to trauma as opposed to the onset of a Major Depressive Disorder or Mood Disorder
Depression can easily be missed in PTSD
Substance use is highly associated
There is a high risk of suicide.

All these things are questioned for you to trigger. and we need change. Not bringing up the problem again and again.  But trained people that understand our issues. Believe me once you have challenged me with PTSD you will know it these days!!.

How would you feel repeating this again and again.  As a solider or a tape victim.  It's either spend money doing this or network properly.  As PTSD is a problem of the future  and unless somethings done it will cost you more in costs.. than using good  networking skills as an option also with an approach you understand PTSD. 

 In the year 2021 you will see the difference in the problems with PTSD as social networking eats into those with a voice.  You will get this so much then.  Were all capable of having a voice.  It's just some people don't want to be the problem.  Inside they want a solution though.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!