Suspend all MPs salaries and expenses payments until after Brexit

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The U.K. government has made a mockery of the democratic vote that was cast by the people of the U.K. in 2016, which was that our country should leave the EU.  As elected members of parliament, many MP’s have failed in their job description as public servants, arrogantly disregarding the result of the vote, seeking all manner of opportunities and excuses to avoid fulfilling the will of the people. 

Irrespective of whether you voted to remain or leave, our MPs are employed to do a job... and they aren’t doing it satisfactorily. 

MP’s with objections to a No Deal arrangement are not to be entertained. If the EU can’t put something decent on the table then we need to have the negotiation leverage that No Deal provides. Otherwise we’re just asking nicely for the best deal the EU can offer. Keeping ‘No Deal’ as an option gives Boris Johnson strength in negotiations - something every single person, irrespective of political preference or standing, should be supporting. 

Many MP’s have shown complete disregard for democracy, seeking all manner of methods to delay Brexit, or water-down the outcome. To quote our exhausted previous PM, ‘Brexit means Brexit’, yet too many MP’s seem to have missed that point, interpreting instead their preferred version of ‘Brexit means not really leaving the EU because that’s not what I personally what I want’. 

Even Bercow - who quite frankly should know better - is showing himself as blatantly biased and not worthy of his payslip. 

As the employers of these MPs, who are funded by our high tax payments, we demand that their salaries and any expense payments are SUSPENDED until Britain leaves the EU. 

The current salary of an MP is £79,468; well above the average salary in this country, so they need to earn it.

Their objective is clear: fulfil the democratic vote and get this country out of the EU without further delay.