Boris Johnson, stop UK exports of surveillance equipment to Honduras

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� ACTION ALERT: IMF - Grant Venezuela its COVID-19 Emergency Loan �

Thanks for signing this petition - I am now writing to ask if you will sign the latest petition we in Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America are supporting, entitled IMF - Grant Venezuela its COVID-19 Emergency Loan. Please:

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TEXT: "We urge the IMF to reverse its decision to refuse Venezuela’s request for a $5 billion loan from the emergency fund of the Rapid Financing Instrument to help combat COVID-19 in Venezuela. This fund was set up precisely to respond to the current global pandemic.
We are concerned this decision was influenced by the Trump administration’s pursuit of illegal ‘regime change’ in Venezuela.
We also express our opposition to the US decision to impose an even harsher blockade on Venezuela at this time – this will deny the country vital health supplies, hit ordinary Venezuelans the most, and lead to innocent lives being lost."

Labour Friends of Progresive Latin America
7 months ago