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Stop The Genocide Of The Rohingya Muslims Now

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The most recent horrific events in Burma have hit international headlines. The country has seen unimaginable barbaric scenes at the hands of the nations military forces against a small, defenceless Rohingya community, resulting in hundreds and thousands of Rohingya fleeing to neighbouring Bangladesh seeking refuge.

The tension reached a melting point in August 2017 when militants attacked government forces. In response, the countries security forces, which has been supported by Buddhist militia, launched a ‘clearance operation’ murdering over 1,000 people, burning whole villages to the ground and forcing over 300,000 Rohingya to flee to Cox’s Bazaar on the border of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, a third world country with already nominal resources, is now holding more Rohingya than Burma. The severity and sheer brutality of the ‘clearance operation’ have led the UN human-rights chief, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, describe the actions as a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing".   

On September 6, more than 170 parliamentarians signed a letter to Boris Johnson condemning the horrific acts of violence against the Rohingya however, we must urge the British Government to impose greater pressure on Burma’s military leaders to stop the on-going and systematic attacks on the Rohingya. Attacks which are continuing to take place where the Rohingya are seeking refuge, on the banks and border of Bangladesh.

We must urge our government to engage in a collaborative narrative and apply international pressure on the Burmese civilian and military government to stop the killings and persecution of the Rohingya, and negotiate a peace process for those remaining in Burma and those, which have been forced to flee.

But, there is an urgent priority, to address the grave and growing humanitarian needs of those Rohingya who have fled the violence and sought refuge on the border of Bangladesh. With such a rapid movement of so many people, crucial humanitarian relief is required. Basic needs are currently not being met resulting in greater deaths for an already ill-treated group of people. Babies as young as 8 days old are amongst the displaced, they need, at the very least, the basic rations of food, water and medical help in order to survive.

We need, at the very least, 100,000 signatures so this matter can be debated in parliament and we can apply greater pressure on our leaders, namely Boris Johnson and Mark Field, the UN and consequently Burma to act fast and act now.

We have a rare opportunity where we have the foresight to stop another Rwanda occurring, but in order to do so we must act now, so please support this campaign and help bring this crisis a step closer to ending. 

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